Chicharrón: Deep fried pork belly and the main feature of the famous Colombian dish, the Bandeja Paisa.



Buñuelos de maiz dulce: These are sweet corn fritters that can be sweet or savoury (with prawns) and go well with sour cream dip.



Carimañolas de Yuca:

These are like the empanadas but here I use Yuca dough which I make myself, instead of maize flour. Great with aji casero.



Yuca: This is a vegetable similar to potatoes, also called Cassava, and it is widely used in Colombia and other Latin American countries, the Caribbean and Africa.

Yame: Like the Yuca, Yame or Yam is very similar to potatoes and I use it in soups, mash or just boiled on its own.


Patacón: This is green plantain pre-cooked then dipped in a garlic, vinegar and salt marinade and then deep fried. Most Colombian dishes will have a patacón or two on the side.



Guandul:  Also known as Gungo peas, these beans are the main ingredient in my Dulce and are high in protein, great for vegetarians.