About Me
About Me


I’m a mother of two living in Tunbridge Wells. I’m from Colombia and I came to England in 1995 after marrying my English husband who I met in Caracas, Venezuela.  Although I haven’t lived in Colombia since 1989 I have never stopped eating my yummy Colombian food and I’ve been lucky enough to find most of my ingredients for most of my cooking wherever I lived, specially in London.


I love cooking and as a child I saw my grandmother and aunties cook all the time, there was always food for any unexpected guest that may have come to the house. Cooking and sharing food has always been the centre of festivity, celebration and community spirit and a source of enjoyment and happy memories. Now nothing gives me more pleasure than to have my friends and family over for a meal and to see them enjoying my food.


I decided that after 7 years in Tunbridge Wells it was time for me to introduce its people to some of my Colombian recipes. Hence,  my Colombian dinner parties on the first Saturday of the month, where I’ll have the opportunity to to give my guests a taste of  my beloved Colombia and to see them hopefully enjoying my food and just having some fun!


I want people to enjoy home-made food which is tasty, humble and satisfying and made with lots of love and passion!